This is 2 month supply for one adult

Other ingredients in BIND “toxin elimination” :

  • activated carbon, apple fiber, bacillus coagulans, baozene, cascara sagrada (herb), cinguefoil (herb), dandelion root, flax, humic acid/fulvis acid, magnesium (oxide/hydroxide)

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Bind is going to literally pull toxins out of your gut. The activated charcoal is what they give people who have been poisoned. This is very good thing to have on hand in the time of emergencies. The other cool thing is that there is fiber and pre-biotics which help to improve your gut and re grow beneficial gut flora (good bacteria).

Benefits of BIND:

  • Intestinal cleansing
  • Reduce gas
  • Intestinal “drainage” support
  • Prevents retoxification by keeping toxins from re-absorbing in your gut
  • Helps prevent abdominal bloating