ACS 200 Advanced Cellular Silver

  • Spray on your hands (antimicrobial, kills bad but not good germs)
  • Spray silver in your nose
  • Spray it on athlete’s foot (kills fungi)
  • Spray in your mouth (kills viruses) 6 sprays for normal dose and 12 for high dose
  • get rid of mold toxicity


  • Silver (Elemental silver)  350 mcg
  • other ingredients:
  • ultra-pure deionized water

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1x ACS 200 Advanced Cellular Silver  -14.4%


ACS 200 Extra Strength provides 200 parts per million of uniquely energized sliver molecules suspended in ultra-pure, deionized water; providing support for healthy immune and inflammatory responses. Colloidal Silver is an antimicrobial which means that it kills bacteria, virus, and fungi. This product can be sprayed on your hands and in your mouth, used as a form of disinfectant. It can also be sprayed onto cuts and wound to help prevent infection.

  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten free
  • Dairy free
  • Vegan